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Don't call the police if you find needles

'We have known for a number of years that needle exchange or needle return is not a police function in the community'
20190816 needles beach
This pile of needles was found on a beach on Lake Nipissing last weekend. Photo supplied.

Jade Cayen was excited to have a chance to go to the beach last weekend in a secluded location of Queen Street near the shores of Lake Nipissing.  

However, her stay was ruined when she realized the beach area had turned into a dumping ground for used needles. 

Cayen was not shocked, instead, she felt disgusted.  

“It's so unfortunate that someone can't enjoy their free time on a public beach without having to worry about what (or who) they might run into,” said Cayan.  

“North Bay has so much to offer from an outdoors perspective, and it really is sad that it's come down to regular people like me not being able to enjoy some of our favourite things in life due to it being ruined by other people's addictions."

Cayen among a number of people who have stumbled upon used needles in and around the North Bay area.  

While finding used needles can be alarming, Police Chief Scott Tod says it is not worthy of a 911 call.  

“We have known for a number of years that needle exchange or needle return is not a police function in the community, although we provide assistance to the city of North Bay, the North Bay and Area AIDS Committee along with the public health unit,  where we provide them assistance with policy and practice in regards to needle exchange and a safer use of drugs in our community,” said Tod.  

Tod says it is important to do something with needles if you find them. 

“We encourage people to wear protective clothing, thick leather gloves and put it into an enclosed container which could be a can with a lid or a jar with a lid and they could contact the city during the day and police services after hours,” said Tod. 

They can also dump off the needles at the AIDS Committee of North Bay & Area.


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