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Dionne Home to be managed for $1

It is the intention that the management, operation, and promotion of the museum and the management of the collection be self-sustaining
20171130 dionne home on foundation
The Dionne home sits atop its new foundation. Supplied.

City Council is set to spend one dollar over the next 10 years to have the Dionne Quints Heritage Board (DQHB) manage the facility.

A staff report by Paula McCloskey, Manager Arts, Culture, Recreation & Leisure Services sets out conditions of an agreement for the management and operation of the Dionne Quints Museum and the management of the exhibits collection.

A committee was struck in 2017 to find ways for the City to maintain ownership and operate the Dionne Quints Home in cooperation with Friends of the Dionne Home Board with the goal to incorporate as a not-forprofit organization.

The DQHB will manage, promote and operate the Museum and support the management of all artefacts, archival materials, chattels and other materials related to the Dionne Quintuplets presently owned by the City.

"The proposed 10-year Agreement (February 26th, 2020 – February 26th , 2030) with the DQHB for the nominal cost of $1.00 will permit the DQHB to manage, promote and operate the Museum and manage the Collection," says McCloskey's report.

The Museum, its collection, and all other buildings, equipment and infrastructure managed and administered by the DQHB on behalf of the City and any newly acquired property will continue to be the property of the City and all additions to the collection must be pre-approved by the City.

The DQHB will be responsible for all costs and expenses associated with the management, promotion, and operation of the museum and the management of the collection with the exception of the City providing capital repairs to the museum associated with a static display.

The City is not responsible for any costs incurred due to wear and tear as a result of public use of the Museum.

All revenues derived from any activities will be used exclusively for the operation, promotion, administration and management of the Museum, including federal or provincial funding received by DQHB for the operation of the museum.

It is the intention that DQHB’s management, operation, and promotion of the museum and the management of the collection be self-sustaining.

Council still needs to approve the agreement.


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