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Dead puppy thrown out in the garbage

A deceased white husky puppy was found in a pile of garbage on Sandy Falls Road in Sturgeon Falls

Sylvie Durette is familiar with the Sandy Falls Road area in Sturgeon Falls. 

She likes to go there and feed the birds, and it's a popular spot for snowmobilers. But on Sunday when she visited the location she was in shock. 

On the side of the road was a bunch of garbage which included garbage bags, a dog's bed with toys, a urine-stained rug, and a cardboard box. 

Durette says inside that box was a dead three to four-month-old white husky puppy.  

"When I first saw him my heart broke," Durette told BayToday. 

"But then I just got angry. It's sad to think someone thinks it's ok to discard him like garbage. What if a small child found him? "

Durette immediately called the Sturgeon Falls OPP, who she says have taken the lifeless body to North Bay for an autopsy. She says there were also some receipts from Dollarama as well as bank receipts which the OPP gathered as part of the investigation. 

BayToday reached out to the OPP but we were unable to get a comment.  

Durette, who has shared the story on Facebook, is appreciative of the support she has received from the police and the community about her tragic discovery. 

"Since I shared the story on my Facebook, I have seen a caring community come together to help," she said.

"This gives me a bit of faith in humanity. Now it's time to get justice for this poor fur baby." 

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