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Couple snaps pix of lynx

'We saw a beautiful lynx within North Bay's boundaries'

When Ryan Squevens was out with his girlfriend Sammy Weber Saturday morning just before noon they came across something interesting they wanted to share.

"We saw a beautiful lynx within North Bay's boundaries," he wrote to BayToday. "We watched it cross the road on Evergreen Rd. a little past Carmichael Drive and run into the bush where it sat for quite a while staring at us." 

According to Hinterland Who's Who the lynx resembles a very large domestic cat. "It has a short tail, long legs, large feet, and prominent ear tufts. Its winter coat is light grey and slightly mottled with long guard hairs; the underfur is brownish.

"It favours old-growth boreal forests with a dense undercover of thickets and windfalls.

"As long as they are not disturbed, lynxes are remarkably tolerant of human settlement."


Jeff Turl

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