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City police offer some Halloween safety tips

North Bay Police Service News Release *********************** It’s October and Halloween is only a couple of weeks away.
North Bay Police Service
News Release


It’s October and Halloween is only a couple of weeks away. Costumes are in the planning or fabrication stage and safety should be paramount in parent’s minds when outfitting their children.

Costumes should be properly fit so they do not hamper the Childs movement. Makeup is preferable to a mask but if this is not feasible then a mask should also fit properly and the eye holes be made big enough so there is no obstruction to peripheral vision. Costumes should be made of bright material when possible and reflective tape added to each side. Once the costume is complete and the big day arrives, children should be reminded of all the traffic safety rules. They should be told not to eat anything until they get home.

Young children should be accompanied by an adult or responsible teenager. Older children can go with friends but should never go alone. Street proofing reminders are also appropriate. Parents should know who they are with, and what routes they are taking.

All children and or their escort should have a light. Small flashlights and glow sticks are relatively inexpensive and children think they are really cool. When trick or treating, children should stay in the areas that they are familiar with .They should only go to those residences that have lights on and are obviously promoting the Halloween spirit.

Once home parents can examine all treats before anything is consumed. All fruit should be cut and washed. Wrappers of all commercial treats can be checked for tampering. Any suspicious treats should be reported to your local police agency. Halloween can be fun and a memorable experience for children. The North Bay Police service requests that you do your part to make it a safe and happy evening.