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Chief gets call from NDP leader

'Instead of 'reconciliation', we get 'racist legislation'
2019-099-18 Jagmeet Singh RB 26
NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. Raymond Bowe/BarrieToday

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was quick to react to a story of NFN Chief McLeod backing the NDP this election.

McLeod posted on his Facebook page, "If i wasn't already sure enough of which Party Leader I am supporting in the upcoming weeks I just received a call from Jagmeet Singh. He wanted to thank me for my words and support."

This week McLeod told BayToday, "Personally the Conservatives are not a choice for us. That leaves the Green Party and NDP and it's more of a strategic position. I think the NDP at this point aligns more with Indigenous issues and our fight to resolve them. I've always said Indigenous people should not be loyal to one party, that we have to look at what is in our best interest and over this past weekend I've come to the decision that the NDP is the better choice even at the risk of what may happen with split voting."

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"We talked about FN prosperity and how FNs keep getting legislated out the economy and in many cases, kept in poverty and despair," McLoed said on social media.

"How things like the new cannabis legalization Bill C45 does nothing for Indigenous communities but stimulate a criminal black market environment which jeopardizes the safety and health of our communities by not being able to access a safe and legal supply. Instead of 'reconciliation', we get 'racist legislation.' We ended our conversation with a promise to continue our dialogue into the future on this and many other issues. He came across as being very honest and genuine, from one leader to another, I will take him at his word."


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