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Callander museum reopens from COVID with new art show

Starting a painting is like engaging in an argument between canvas and paint. The argument is unavoidable
2021 The Launch Leapt Towards
“The Launch Leapt Towards…

The Callander Bay Heritage Museum & Alex Dufresne Gallery is reopening with a new art exhibit.

“New Works” by Jürgen Mohr is now on display and will be until April 17.

Mohr states, “Starting a painting is like engaging in an argument between canvas and paint. The argument is unavoidable. The only way through it is to surrender to the art materials on hand. This surrender opens a doorway to the artistic experience personally and to viewers collectively.

"Using acrylics, oil and mixed media, all significant signs and symbols are rendered impulsively.  Through the intuitive manipulation of strong rhythmic lines, abstract shapes and raw colors, new correspondences and interrelationships are established.

"The first marks on a blank canvas are always the best. They are made without planning a theme or image relying solely on instinct and the expressive nature of accidental gestures. The process allows for spontaneity and playfulness.

"When the argument subsides and the painting nears completion, mutated natural forms of the imagination and the expressive nature of gestural marks take on new significance in a semiotic relationship.”

Mohr has had solo exhibitions at multiple galleries over the years such as at the W.K.P. Kennedy gallery, the Temiskaming Art Gallery and the White Water Gallery, and his works can be found in many collections such as the Nipissing University Permanent Art Collection, the Redpath Collection, the Ontario Northland Corporation and in numerous private collections in Mexico and Dominican Republic.

The operating hours for the Museum and Art Gallery are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 – 5 p.m.