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Break and Enter numbers continue to rise in North Bay

The crime statistics reveal a significant increase
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The North Bay Police Chief is concerned about the increase in Break and Enters. 

The crime statistics reveal a significant increase. 

By the end of November 2018, police had 249 but by the end of November 2019, that number had risen to 416. 

Tod believes most of those incidents are tied to drugs. 

"That's an assumption we make and I believe it is true," said Tod after Tuesday's Police Board Meeting at Police Headquarters in North Bay. 

"We believe it is related to someone who is seeking to get cash as quickly as possible and the likely result of that is to purchase illegal drugs."

Tod says that increase means officers are spending more and more time investigating these crimes.    

"Quite often the incidents are called in many hours after the incident has occurred," noted the Chief.  

"It requires a collection of evidence at the scene which requires our forensic identification services officers to attend and as I mentioned there's over 400 this past year and that is a lot of work for our Forensic Identification officer, our patrol officers and our street crime officers who will assist in all the investigations into the break and enters."

Tod says some good news is, along with the increase in B & E's is an increase in charges which means police are catching some of the suspects.  

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