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Bonfield coyote attack may have been a dog says mayor

The attack might have come from a dog
bonfield autumn 2 turl 2017
Bonfield. Photo by Jeff Turl

There are a lot of unanswered questions this afternoon after a Facebook post on the Bonfield Fire Department reported a coyote attack against a local resident that resulted in a lot of bite injuries.

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"It was good intentions gone off the rails," Mayor Randy McLaren told BayToday of the warning.

McLaren says the victim has been interviewed and he wasn't sure that the attack was from a coyote, but might instead have been a dog. And he also says the Facebook page isn't one that is authorized by the Town of Bonfield and no-one is sure who is putting up the posts.

The MNRF and the Health Unit are now both involved, and the victim has been told to get rabies shots.

In an email to BayToday, Jolanta Kowalski, Sr. Media Relations Officer with the MNRF said, "We have investigated this and there is no evidence to indicate this incident involved a coyote."

The town is now investigating who is running the Facebook page and has even asked Facebook to delete the page but has received no response.

The page and the warning were both up as of 4 p.m. Friday afternoon. The post has over 600 shares.



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