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Blue Sky Animal Hospital unveils its new logo

'We love our old logo, but it was time for a refresh'
Blue Sky Animal Hospital's new logo

Blue Sky Animal Hospital has a new look—the winning logo from their contest held in early October.

"The decision to re-brand aligned with their twenty-year anniversary of providing veterinary services in North Bay.

“We love our old logo, but it was time for a refresh," Blue Sky Registered Veterinary Technician Laurie Jaques said. "We are the same animal hospital our clients know and love, but we wanted a more modern look.”

The original logo was designed by a client and the idea of the contest was to retain the sense of community.

“We love the community. We rely on one another. The clinics in the area all help each other out, and you see your clients everywhere, it’s the people at the grocery store, it’s the people who fix your car—it makes the sense of community that much stronger. So, of course, we asked our clients and friends for help with a new logo.”

The hospital wanted to uphold its commitment to the region while reflecting on its evolution.

"Dr. Robert Porter’s original plans were for a small practice, but the business exploded," explains Jaques. "Now the hospital utilizes modern technology that includes stem cell therapy and laser surgeries."

The contest, sponsored by Royal Canin, Zoetis, Hill’s and Merck, was won by a long-term client, Hailey Madigan.

“I’m glad my design was chosen," said Madigan. "I feel like my dog Abby, who recently passed away, would be happy after all the care she received from Blue Sky.”

Prizes included, among other donations, a Bluetooth speaker, dental kibble, digger interactive feeder, a pet nutrition scale and a treat jar.

Madigan has no formal training in graphic design but loves creating for others.

“Naturally, I placed the dog and cat against a blue sky and to me, the half-moon shape is the umbrella of care that Blue Sky Animal Hospital provides to pets and their owners.”

The team at Blue Sky is thrilled with the modern design, “We also can’t get enough of the interaction between the dog and cat. There’s this myth that all dogs and cats hate each other, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!” stated Jaques.

The logo will be featured on the hospital’s website immediately and be rolled out over 2023 to feature on the team’s scrubs and the welcome sign outside.