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B & E victim tells cops not to charge intruder

Officers investigated and learned there had been a dispute between two men about some money that had been lost, then found but not returned
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On March 15th West Nipissing Police responded to a break and enter in progress in the Allain Court area of the city after officers were told that a man was trying to force his way into the home and struck a man while inside.

When officers arrived they were pointed towards a motor vehicle that was fleeing the area and told the culprit was one of the occupants.

Officers investigated and learned there had been a dispute between two men about some money that had been lost, then found but not returned.

None of the people wanted further police action and no charges were laid. Peace was maintained and everyone went their separate ways.

Meanwhile in other West Nipissing Police action:

On March 10th police were called to a Sabourin Road residence regarding a domestic disturbance. Officers attended the residence and learned that the couple was having marital problems and that things were escalating. Officers arrived and learned that the man had left the premises, and further questioning determined that no criminal offence had been perpetrated by either party. Advice was given to the couple and peace was maintained.

On March 12th police received a complaint of mischief from a Goulard Road resident. The complainant advised police that someone had put something in his vehicle's gas tank. The vehicle sustained damage and is now being repaired. Police are investigating these allegations.

On March 13th, police responded to a Larocque Street residence in Field regarding a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival officers spoke with the involved parties and learned that the couple had been arguing for a better part of the evening. The man agreed to leave the residence and attend a friend's residence for the night. Police later received a second call at the same residence indicating the man had returned, had broken a window to get into his home and that the arguing had started again. Police responded and the man was taken into custody to prevent a further breach of the peace.

On March 14th police received a complaint from a River Valley resident advising that there was a dispute between her and her landlord. Officers attended at the residence and learned that the tenant had been away from the residence for an extended period of time but when she returned she met the landlord who was at her residence removing her personal belongings. A dispute about tenancy erupted and that is when the police were called. Both the tenant and the landlord were provided facts about their rights to the residence. Police are investigating allegations into possible criminal offences.

On March 16th, West Nipissing Police officers were dispatched to a Millrand Road residence to investigate a domestic disturbance. Officers arrived on scene and learned that the couple had been arguing. Officers investigated the incident and learned that no criminal offence had taken place and both the man and woman remained in the residence. However a family friend agreed to stay with the couple to ensure peace was maintained. No further police action was required.

Between March 10th and 16th, the West Nipissing Police Service logged 136 calls for service. Among those were 1 noise complaints, 22 police assistance calls, 4 Domestic Disturbance calls, 1 Assault complaint, 1 Break and enter, 2 Fraud complaints, 1 theft complaint, and 1 mischief complaint.

Anyone with information about these occurrences is asked to contact the West Nipissing Police Service at 705-753-1234.