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Award winning local party game now a mobile app

'We have worked diligently from the outset to ensure we're able to provide the same entertaining game experience as the original, table-top version of THINGS'

A best-selling party game developed in North Bay is now available as an app.

"THINGS," was created by Mark Sherry, and Tom Quinn with Senior developer Eric Dion and has sold over four million copies since first introduced to the market back in 2002.

"With virtual play at its peak, the app will now allow friends and family to play THINGS... wherever and whenever they want, taking game night to the next level," according to a news release.

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The game presents players with provocative topics such as "THINGS… you shouldn't do when you're naked", allowing each player to say whatever comes to mind and giving everyone a chance to guess who said what. 

Now, friends in different locations around the globe can play THINGS on a mobile device. 

"It took us over two years to come to fruition," Sherry told BayToday by phone. "We have worked diligently from the outset to ensure we're able to provide the same entertaining game experience as the original, table-top version of THINGS... "As we start to see more of our everyday lives go virtual, this couldn't come at a better time."

The THINGS... app is free to download and comes with 100 free topics. Content will be updated with themed packs such as "Grad/Prom" and the upcoming "Halloween and Holiday" themes, each with new topics, avatars, and backgrounds.

"We'll have some free ones and some paid ones. The Halloween one will be free, probably because we're a little worried about what's going to happen come Halloween as kids won't have their usual fun going out to Halloween parties. So we thought 'why not have a party at home through Zoom and play the Halloween version of Game of THINGS. The avatars, the background, the cards will all be Halloween-themed as well as the sounds so it's a fresh exciting way to play the game.

"The next theme is probably the U.S. Thanksgiving and then a Christmas holiday season theme."

According to Tom Quinn, Creative Director and Co-Designer, the company's mission is to "make people laugh as often as possible, and given the current global environment, this is more important now than ever."

Sherry says there's been lots of excitement generated in the early stages of the app.

"We just started to advertise this weekend online and there are already thousands playing so that's pretty exciting. We want to keep pushing those numbers up because we have four million hard copy games out there so we're hoping all those people will download the app and start playing."

You can download the app here.

In the future is an adult x-rated version called NASTY THINGS.

"That will probably be its own unique game downloaded separately because the content would make it a plus-18 game. We have to make sure we don't introduce that content into the current version which is 12 and up."

THINGS… is now also available on the App Store and Google Play.

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