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2019 federal election LIVE Blog

Live blog of 2019 federal election.
20191021 candidates signs
Five candidates are running in Nipissing-Temiskaming.


Rota leads by over 2,000 votes with 105 out of 205 polls. Both CBC and CTV predicting a Liberal minority government. Watch BayToday for individual election stories. Good night.

2011021 rob boulet wife annaRob Boulet and wife Anna. Brenda Turl/BayToday.













With 95 polls in Rota well in front.

2019 liberal hq waiting for rotaWaiting for Rota to arrive. Chris Dawson/BayToday.


















Canadian Press has declared Rota elected.



Very strong showing by NDP Boulet tonight. Sits in 3rd about 500 votes behind Carr, Wonder if the NFN followed the lead of their chief and voted NDP en masse.


In PS-M Conservative Scott Aitchison is in the driver's seat with a comfortable 3,000 vote lead. Strong showing by Green's Gord Miller in third.



Rota now almost 1,000 votes ahead of Carr and is running away with it. 50 polls reporting. King now 3,000 votes behind and still sits 5th.



NDP candidate Rob Boulet tells BayToday he's happy with his campaign. getting a lot of support today. Says it was a good experience and will likely run again. "It's been amazing. I've had an amazing team of people."



21 polls. We'll call Anthony Rota will retain his seat. He has widened his lead over Carr to 547. NDP Boulet in third, Alex Gomm of the Greens is fourth with King now a distant 5th.



CTV calls Liberal minority government.



Mark King of PPC polling very poorly. Sits in 5th 679 behind Rota. 15 polls reporting.



10 polls reporting Rota widens lead to 154. CBC calls for Liberal government nationally. 



With 5 of 205 polls reporting Rota has just a 35 vote lead over Carr. Mark King in 5th place.



Rota has won four federal elections before, in 2015, 2008, 2006 and 2004. 

His last win was over sitting MP Jay Aspin. Rota took 25,357 votes 53 per cent of the vote. Aspin had 14,325 or 29 per cent.



Rota has early lead in Nip-Tem.

Reminder check here for live up to date totals.



Trisha Cowie - LI, takes early lead in PS-M, with Miller 4th out of 5.



Dirty tricks. Conservatives were accused of using Twitter and Facebook to smear PPC leader Maxime Bernier. Liberal Anthony Rota warned last week of dirty tricks.



No totals yet. Interesting to note that Green candidate in Parry Sound-Muskoka Gord Miller is from North Bay and is the former Ontario Environmental commissioner.



Elections Canada is reporting that there have been robocalls telling voters that the election is tomorrow Oct 22 to mislead voters.



BayToday has reporters covering the Liberal, Conservative, PPC, and NDP post-election gatherings and will have stories later in the evening as candidates arrive.

You can get live updates here. 



Polls have closed locally and ballots are being counted.

In Nipissing--Timiskaming there are five candidates running:

  • Rob Boulet, New Democratic Party
  • Jordy Carr, Conservative Party of Canada
  • Alex Gomm, Green Party of Canada
  • Mark King, People's Party of Canada
  • Anthony Rota, Liberal Party of Canada

In Parry Sound Muskoka there are also five candidates.

  • Scott Aitchison, Conservative Party of Canada
  • Trisha Cowie, Liberal Party of Canada
  • Gord Miller, Green Party of Canada
  • Daniel Predie Jr, Independent
  • Tom Young, New Democratic Party

It appears Liberal Anthony Rota is the favourite to take Nipissing-Temiskaming this time around.

The question is how much was the opposition Conservative Jody Carr's chances hurt by the injection into the race by PPC candidate Mark King. In a BayToday poll early on, it indicated that the combined Carr-King total was greater than Rota gained.

Also, will the endorsement of NFN Chief McLeod affect the numbers of the NDP candidate.

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