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Letter: We need to embrace and support our citizens who need us

'For too long we have shunned them'
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To the editor:

After reading opinion pieces on the state of our fair city, I was compelled to write one myself.

Unlike our friend from Kitchener, I have been living in North Bay since I was still in diapers. There will come a day when I will still be here and back in diapers! At that time, I can only hope the expansion of Casselholme will be able to accommodate my needs.

We as a community are definitely not meeting the needs of our disenfranchised members.

Enjoying some fresh air and exercise on our beautiful Kinsmen trail, Memorial Drive was smeared with the mess of litter of those who had vacated a bench and left blood and feces as their trail of desperation.

But alas, the public washroom is locked @ 3:00 p.m., and no waste container in sight. Absurd.

As a community, we need to embrace and support our members who need us. For too long we have shunned them instead. Put our energy and money where our filthy mouths are from all levels of coffers.

We have the means, let us dig deeper for the will.

Janice Morland

North Bay