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Letter to the editor: Council should stop blaming others for Cassellholme delays

Yet despite the 'backbreaking' cost to the municipal governments involved, it must get built
20210808 cassellholme 1 cd
Cassellholme on Olive St. in North Bay.

I can not understand how our municipality can continually blame the present Cassellholme LTC reconstruction delay on everyone else when it was always their responsibility to look after their own.

At what dollar value was it ever going to come about in 1990, 2017, 2020, 2021? It was always too expensive.

Yet despite the “backbreaking” cost to the municipal governments involved, it must get built. If our municipal government avoided the cost until now, good for them, but here is the cost to you right now.

Also, I have tried my level best to elicit a response from our busy MP. It would be interesting to hear why he will not respond to a constituent on this critical local LTC issue. We know the position of our Mayor and MPP but the Honourable Mr. Rota…crickets.

I’ve written´╗┐ two “open” letters to you, both published in the Bay Today, requesting your assistance and as yet have not received any acknowledgement, let alone a response. Interesting election strategy, what? Oh…that must have gone to his Ottawa Office?

Yikes! Cue the ostriches.

This is not about me. It is, however, about what was once considered to be Liberal values. Looking out for those who can not look out for themselves. This critical LTC issue involving your constituents in your riding remains unresolved. Please don’t ignore it.


Ephrem Gallant