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Letter: City Council, stop putting us deeper in the hole

'We can't afford councils that think the way you do!'
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Are city council members in the dark about the burden tax increases are putting on residents?

To the editor:

Councillors, you are forever putting the population of North Bay deeper and deeper in the hole with your tax increases and expenditures every year!

We can't afford councils that think the way you do!

Right now you should be looking at tax relief for us which is not what you're doing! You are not looking after the North Bay residents which is what you should be doing!

You are always thinking "What can we spend the taxpayers' money on this year?" instead of reducing this burden you impose on the constituents every single year.

It is time to change this spending mentality of yours and help the people who elected you as representatives of the people.

If you cannot serve the population and their needs then don't run for council! The government's pension increases don't cover one per cent of the proposed increases you suggest yearly!

Can't you get that through that lump between your shoulders? Use your head, please.

Gabriel Bedard

North Bay