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Local business is spicing - and saucing - things up for folks at home during the COVID situation

"...Customers have said that they are looking to keep their cooking interesting, especially while they have been staying home due to the COVID pandemic..."

This time we take a look at how Vested Interest is helping people spice things up while their dining at home during the COVID situation.

Vested Interest's Jennifer McNutt Bywater says their stores in downtown North Bay, and their flagship outlet in Callander, are well known for their eclectic mix of home decor, jewellery, clothing, and giftware - and over the past 12 years or so, their gourmet and speciality food items.

McNutt Bywater says they are remaining open for curbside pick up and delivery during the COVID crisis, as having food items, especially their 300 gluten-free items, makes them an essential service.

In their food inventory, they carry everything from bread to perogies, meats and cheeses, pizzas, sweet treats and more. But it's their huge array of sauces, spice and condiments that people are using to spice things up at home.

"We carry over 200 hot sauces, 50 bar-b-q sauces, and over 30 mustards, a dozen or more ketchup, as well as spices and salad dressings," she explains.

She says customers have said that they are looking to keep their cooking interesting, especially while they have been staying home due to the COVID pandemic.

The extensive line-up comes from years of research and relationships.

"What many people don't realize is that we wholesale our products to stores coast to coast, currently over 1,500 locations. We sold off the food portion of our wholesaling business a year ago, but we still send out our other items nationwide. When we were into food distribution it gave us a chance to research, find, test, taste and sell the very best products. The relationships we have are still alive, and our local customers only know that we still have so many wonderful condiments and sauces."

So how unique are these products?

Hot sauce options include Habenero, Reaper, Scorpion and Mad Dog.

The wide array of bar-b-q choices feature Guy Fieri's Root Beer flavoured sauce, a Buffalo NY inspired sauce, Kettlewood's Smoked Chocolate and a Bourbon Vanilla.

When it comes to ketchup, you can select from Stout Coffee, Bacon Infused, and more.
Mustard options include Horseradish-style, Hot Banana Pepper Mustard and Dill Mustard.

If you're looking to spice things up, the entrepreneur says the best way to reach her directly is through email at [email protected] to arrange for delivery, or curbside pick up at their flagship location at 1407 Main Street North in Callander.