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Good Glaze Doughnuts is like your Grandma’s kitchen

“The doughnuts are made fresh every day. Everything is made from limited ingredients and as fresh and fancy as possible;  confections, French-style macaroons, croissants, and gourmet cakes.” The most delicious, freshly made gourmet doughnuts you might ever have the pleasure of sinking your teeth into

Walking into Good Glaze Doughnuts is like walking into your Grandmother’s kitchen after a day of baking.

The Main Street, North Bay bakery starts to fill up with the delicious aroma of freshly made baking starting at 4 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

Good Glaze Doughnuts has created close to 75 flavours of unique, mouth-watering gourmet doughnuts, which are changed up throughout the year.  

“The menu rotates twice a week, on a three-week full rotation, and that all changes every three months to stay current with the seasons,” said owner Kyle LaPlante.

“The doughnuts are made fresh every day. Everything is made from limited ingredients and as fresh and fancy as possible;  confections, French-style macaroons, croissants, and gourmet cakes.”

There are also a few gluten-free options.

“But not in the way of doughnuts unfortunately because we don’t have a fryer for that. But our French macaroon and our individual cheesecakes, and lava cakes are all made gluten-free and we may offer a few more options in the future,” said LaPlante.

“It is just hard with a kitchen that focuses on so many baked goods to have certified gluten-free options, so we call everything ‘gluten friendly’ because we’re not a certified facility.”

The salted caramel crueller is their number one seller, followed by their apple fritter. Next is the ‘C is for cookies’ doughnut “which is a take on cookies and cream or our jam-filled doughnuts come the summertime.”  

With the arrival of summer, the bakers will use berries from local farmers where possible.

And on those hot summer days, customers can beat the heat with cool treat options.

“We bring in ice cream from the Belly Ice Cream company in Huntsville. So, we’ve got eight ice cream options that we can turn into milkshakes. We’re looking at the possibility of doughnut ice cream sandwiches for the summer and lots of ice coffee options as well.”

Last year’s take was a honeydip-style doughnut with a giant scope of ice cream in the middle.

“We’re going to try something a little bit different this year, we’re just waiting on a new machine to come,” shared LaPlante.

Good Glaze Doughnuts also provides catering for events large or small.

“There are a couple of businesses in town celebrating anniversaries or milestones that we’re working with currently to cater products for, and we do lots of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, business events that kind of thing.”

The bakery is definitely getting a reputation for its incredible personalized cakes.

Most people are familiar with round and slab-style cakes. Customers who purchase cakes from this bakery have come to appreciate the look and taste of the cakes which are 10 to 12 inches in height, even before the fancy toppings are added.   

“Our standard cake is a six-inch round which seems small, but when you factor in that it is four levels of cake inside, plus the icing, it is a substantial amount of cake for what you’re paying for. And it is a premium product. We use a Swiss-style buttercream, there is not a lot of sugar so it is not overly sweet. It is extra rich. It lasts so even if you do have leftovers you can freeze them. We try to offer a couple of different cake options every day from the fridge,” said LaPlante who enjoys the reaction he gets from customers for all his baked goods.

“We let our creativity run making non-traditional doughnut flavours. It has been a blast ever since we started.”

The age of the clientele is wide-ranging, with “lots of university students, middle-aged folks who like a good quality baked good because we don’t use any preservatives, and the taste is authentic.”

Customers can walk in and take their treat to go, or stay and enjoy it in the bakery’s comfortable surroundings.

“Or we have a website set up that you can order up to noon on the same day to guarantee flavour selection. Through the website, everything is ordered and paid for and we do deliveries on Saturdays as well within city limits.”  

The bakery is located at 130 Main Street West and is open Wednesday -Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 and Saturday’s 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.