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Duck! New dishes flying off the menu at Average Joe's

From Boatapalooza to dock to dock to delivery to ever expanding menu choices to breathtaking views, Average Joe's has it all.

Overlooking scenic Trout Lake in North Bay, Average Joe’s Eatery and Patio Bar offers a casual fine dining experience for the entire family.

Duck and Asian noodle salad and confit duck wings, slowly braised and cooked in their own duck fat are popular choices among diners.

“The duck and Asian noodle dish is a new dish I brought over here to Average Joe’s,” pointed out Chef Carson Hall-Corbeil.

“It is a cold rice noodle that we toss in our own sauce that we’re making in-house. And then it's tossed with the confit duck that has been slowly glazed for seven hours. And then we keep it nice and simple with some fresh pickled cucumbers and carrots along with some red cabbage and sesame seed and green onion.”

It is a combination that keeps customers coming back for more.

The duck wings are large and flavourful.  

“It is a different protein option, something we don’t always see. It is a very large size compared to your average chicken wing. It is about spicing things up, giving people something new to try,” explained Hall-Corbeil.

“It is one of our signature dishes that we have brought to the restaurant. We offer a variety of proteins including, wagyu beef and Arctic char (cold-water fish) different things for the area, things people may not have seen before. We don’t have just one kind of cuisine. We try to branch out and have a little bit of everything so there are options for everyone.”

The kitchen prides itself on using fresh ingredients.

“People are receptive to that when they come in. They come in looking for a healthier choice and most of our food is handmade and fresh and that draws a lot of people into our restaurant,” said General Manager Jamie Quizon.

The menu changes depending on the season.

“Right now we’re into our summer/fall menu. We’ll be going into our winter menu and then we’ll be going back to our spring menu again. We use a lot of local producers and growers. We actually have our own herb and vegetable garden in the back that we take from and use for all of our fresh sauces and pestos. We also work with the college with their greenhouse as well to get our microgreens and things like that,” added Hall-Corbeil.

The kitchen tackled the menu again during the pandemic when indoor dining was prohibited.  

“We had to readjust and reevaluate our menu when we had to go to fully takeout. We were doing our takeout menu with chicken wings and we added pizza onto our menu. So we’re definitely expanding.”

Hall-Corbeil enjoys the challenges of developing a menu that is diverse yet caters to the needs and wants of the customer base.

“I find cooking is a very passionate thing. I get inspiration from art and music, the passion and feelings and emotions you get from that. I listen to a lot of classic rock in the kitchen because I find it helps stimulate that creative flow.”

Adding to the takeout experience, Average Joe’s has created a dock to dock delivery system with team members using Sea-doo’s to drop off food.  

“It has been phenomenal. It has been so well received,” said general manager Jamie Quizon.

“They type in the address to their phone. It pinpoints the exact location for them and they can see the dock on the screen. They give a call to the household letting them know they’re leaving and there is usually someone on the dock waving their hands screaming ‘That’s my food,’” he laughed.

That delivery experience extends to its “Boatapalozza” events where boaters gather outside the restaurant to listen to live music.

“We have two more of those coming up for the season. We run those four times a year with a live band at the end of our dock,” shared Quizon.

“We have 60 to 100 boats show up and we have a separate menu. Our dock delivery team drives food out to them right here in front of us. Our patio is full, the music is blaring.”

The restaurant will be offering another experience once the lake turns to ice.

“Come wintertime we’re looking at doing some skating rinks out front of the restaurant to draw some families in and let them enjoy themselves on the ice out here and  come in and get a nice hot meal.”

The business recently completed renovations top to bottom including to the outdoor covered patio.

Rain or shine the view and the overall atmosphere makes for a memorable dining experience whether it is lunch or dinner during the week or added brunch and prime rib weekends.