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Oxford Learning has been a leader in supplement education for thirty-six years. Oxford Learning North Bay has been in operation in our community since 1997. Our core educational philosophies include the importance of independent learning and cognitive development, regardless of the specific academic programs that children undertake.Our newest program format, Virtual Table™ is keeping them on track and getting them ahead, safely at home with live certified teachers- face to face! We teach kids how to learn, while developing the academic areas which are pinpointed as needs, by our assessments and the families' goals. Programs are fully customized for each student regardless of their current grade level. We teach French and English language skills, math and numeracy and an array of study skills, including test taking, organization and memory strategies. Our successful SAT prep has become a favourite for athletes in our community. We also offer school support (tutoring), as well as Get Ready for High School Math programs, which are popular among our High School Advantage™ students. Whether your child needs enrichment, a program to treat dyslexia, working knowledge of French verbs and grammar, or to learn to focus (to name only a few), we are here to help. There is something for everyone and we guarantee our program will work!

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