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The Indigenous Beat

We are all of us green and dying

Death is so – what’s the word – inevitable. But Western society has attached so many negative connotations to dying that we tend to treat our mortality as an enemy.

Everyone deserves a Merry Christmas

There’s nothing I’d like better to write about than children being nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugarplums dance in their heads.

First Nations songs have value

How much is a song worth? Well, if you’re Faith Hill – who reportedly received one million dollars – U.S. – to launch Casino Rama’s 5200-seat Entertainment Centre in July, 2001, it probably works out to at least $50,000 per tune.

Journalism: a job fit for savages

If it wasn’t such an important part of my job, I think I would have given up reading newspapers a long time ago.

Spitting in public and other vacation highlights

My vacations always turn out to be a learning experience for me – thankfully, usually for the better.

Gone Fishing!

Let’s see now – got my sunscreen, a map showing all the ‘Nish gas stations, my Swiss Army Knife with the fly-swatter attachment…. I’m ready to start my summer vacation.

We need to start believing each other

I’m not sure if my grandfather Moses Marsden would qualify as one of the beneficiaries of the Prime Minister’s June 11 apology.

Tears dry faster than the ink on treaties

According to Anishinabek teachings the first humans were brothers created in the four colours of mankind -- red, yellow, black and white -- who were endowed by G'zhemmnidoo with their own languages, cultures and belief systems.

Does the light go out when you close the door?

You know that little light that is on whenever you open your fridge door? Do you believe it really goes out when you close the door again? Why? How do you know the light isn’t on all the time, a plot by the manufacturer to make you replace those cost

Pleasant dreams from a sleep machine

My first visit to a sleep clinic was a disaster. It all started – like it does for many members of the male species -- with The Little Woman’s completely-unfounded allegations that I snore. “I can’t sleep at night,” she complained.