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The Indigenous Beat

What this country needs is more parades

Pakenham is an Ottawa Valley village of some 2,000 souls -- if you include cattle, dogs, cats....and, at this time of year, even a few reindeer.

Mike Harris feels sorry for those who know what he did

Mike Harris said he “feels sorry” for those who participated in an event focussing on the former Ontario premier’s political legacy and held in the university library named after him.

Tattoos for National __________ Day

By Maurice Switzer “Share in the Celebration!” The words virtually shout at you from the federal Aboriginal Affairs ministry website.

Hudak, Hutton, and Harris: Forgetful about First Nations

Unless it’s hidden in the fine print, Tim Hudak’s platform to be Ontario’s 26 th premier does not contain a single reference to First Nations, Aboriginals, Indians, Metis, Inuit, or Indigenous peoples.

Pipeline public safety should be really simple

By Maurice Switzer It’s so much easier to keep things simple. So please don’t talk to me about diluted bitumen having a viscosity of 201 Centistrokes, compared with 5 for conventional crude oil.

We worry about city hall bench-warmers

Knowing of my involvement with the North Bay Taxpayers Association, a friend was puzzled by my attendance at North Bay Battalion junior hockey games. “Isn’t your group against the Battalion?” he wondered.

A savage's look at the Sportsman's Show

By Maurice Switzer What’s the difference between a $415 ICAST fishing rod and a $39.99 Mitchell spinning rig? Near as I can figure, about $375.01.

What Stephen Harper didn't learn in school

We are what we learn. What we hear from our teachers, copy from blackboards, and cram from our textbooks helps shape the beings we will become. This makes it crucial that societies that ensure their children are well and properly taught.

Joy to the world!

Anishinabek Carols Union of Ontario Indians staff sing adapted Christmas Carols to make some points! By Maurice Switzer JOY TO THE WORLD F-N-E-A Val-court de-crees, Trust us to teach your kids! Forget about the paaaast, The pain won’t always la

Putting people's faces on two-dollar bills

Contrary to what some would have you believe, there have always been good people in the world. Humans have a strange tendency to excuse sins of the past by trying to minimize or, worse yet, normalize their behaviour.