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The Aboriginal Beat

Librarians not always quiet

Libraries are usually quiet. Librarians, not necessarily so. The women who hold that position in all but two of the 48 First Nations in Ontario which even have libraries might be excused for feeling some occasional fits of frustration.

Don't talk to us about 'Indian time'!

Talk about your “Indian time”! It was 16 years ago this Sept.

Awards not just about past performance

Everybody loves recognition. There’s nothing like having a trophy to place on your mantel or a plaque to hang on your den wall to make you feel like you’ve really accomplished something with your life.

Election 2011 – once again democracy triumphs!

‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ -- Albert Einstein ----- “Good morning, class. Welcome once again to Politics 101.

Conservatives still calling us names

It is always wrong to call people by names they don’t appreciate. If it’s done in a schoolyard it’s called bullying. If it’s done in a workplace it’s called harassment. But apparently if it’s done by governments, it’s called policy.

Supermoon brings out the 'crazies'

Our little Communications team braces for who-knows-what each month with the approach of a full moon.

Real Elders have lots to teach us

A lot of people want to know when someone becomes an Elder (capital “E”).

Skunks, skanks, and skinks

Anyone who has ever had the chore of giving their pet pooch a tomato-juice shampoo knows what skunks are. And, thanks to Madonna’s showbusiness career, I have a pretty good idea what a skank is.

Every barrel has bad apples

I’m staring at a report about a former Anishinabek Nation chief being sentenced to 60 days in jail for his part in a scheme that defrauded his band of almost $3 million. This type of news always evokes a mixture of emotions in me.

'Tis not the season to be critical

It’s hard to be critical at Christmas. Especially so if your regular job involves writing things that don’t always cast people in the best possible light.