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The Aboriginal Beat

Why First Nations can’t ‘just get over it’

Probably the most important outcome of the Idle No More movement has been to pique the curiosity of Canadians about exactly what it is that is making the Natives so restless.

Harper has picked some real wieners

By Maurice Switzer Spring is a time when I usually find myself pondering life’s big questions.

Settle it with a hockey summit

For the past nine years Stephen Harper has been writing a book about the history of hockey in Canada.

This Sun sheds no light

That great editorial writer in the sky -- the Sun Media guru whose opinions are regurgitated verbatim every day in several dozen newspapers across Canada -- including our own North Bay Nugget -- has decreed that the answer to dealing with First Natio

History lessons from a bullfrog poacher

A wise man once said that those who don’t learn from their past are doomed to repeat it. That sentiment perfectly fits the Indigenous concept of time as a moving wheel, rather than a straight line.

Former nurse turned to writing to voice strong convictions

JOYCE ATCHESON Born Aug. 7, 1947, Port Arthur, Ontario. Died Nov. 22, 2012, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Joyce Atcheson had a laughing voice.

Internet benefits bullies

When I was in elementary school one of the kids regarded as “tough” threatened to beat me up. I was frightened, mainly because I hadn’t done anything to him, possibly never even spoken to or about him.

Too many options -- and gaps -- in education

By Maurice Switzer You know those double-edged news flashes , like when you find out that you’ve won the lottery but your divorced husband has the ticket, or the car dealer agrees to give you $2,000 more on your trade-in but jacks up the price of the

Strong nations are like good families

Strong nations are like good families. They owe their existence to ancestors who had strong personal beliefs and values, and who made a practice of passing those traditions on to their children and their children’s children.

Missing Auntie Merle

Among the people I wish were still here is Merle Assance-Beedie, a wonderful woman from Beausoleil First Nation who was convinced that only kindness is capable of making the world a better place.