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The Aboriginal Beat

Nature makes a pretty good classroom

Nature makes a pretty good classroom

It doesn't have to be taken to extremes, like dropping students off by helicopter in wilderness backcountry where they have to eat earwigs and squirrels to survive.

Top Ten Reconciliation Tips

Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission lacks a 'manual'.
Opinion: Bob Rae must be eating lots of fish

Opinion: Bob Rae must be eating lots of fish

“If we had the same kinds of rules and laws and regulations back in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, Sudbury would never have been built and Timmins would never have been developed.”

Two teachers leave big footprints

“The smoke represents our thoughts. We ask the Creator to accept our thoughts and our decisions to be kind.”

NEWSFLASH – Canada found guilty of racism!

The Jan. 26 ruling by the Canadian Human Rights Commission says the federal government has been guilty of discrimination against First Nations children because they do not provide them the same level of child welfare services that exist elsewhere across the country.

You can't learn if you don't listen.

Native Americans can't get anybody to believe their Creation Stories, most of which say we have been here since the world began. To try and convince us otherwise is like telling Christians and Jews that God didn't create Heaven and Earth – he bought them in a scratch-and-dent sale at Walmart.

Basil Johnston could tell -- and write -- stories

"If all the books were to be destroyed by fire or rain or insects, there would still be the land to show us what we need to know to pick up the trail.”

First Nations leaders held hostage by Harper

By Maurice Switzer The good news for First Nations leaders anxious to see the Harper Conservatives swept out of office Oct. 19 is that the largest likely bloc of decided eligible voters in Canada resides within their million citizens-band members.

Ipperwash: like it happened yesterday

By Maurice Switzer Time can play tricks on us. What seems like a hurry to some is a snail's pace to others.

Whiteskin owner angry after Blackskin judge cancels Redskin trademark

By Maurice Switzer For 83 years there has been a professional football team that chooses to name itself after the perceived colour of Native American skin pigment.