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Mr Ditherman

Dear Mr Ditherman: We hope you will forgive our colleagues in The Soo for their impatience in asking for a reply within five weeks regarding their hospital. Perhaps they have not grasped all the intricacies of this building of hospitals in the north.

Rush Hour

I was recently on holiday in the southern States, enjoying their warmer weather and hospitality when I saw a bulletin board sign in front of a church that took me aback.

Spring Thaw

It is that time of year in Northern Ontario when the warming spring sunshine signals an end to the outdoor rinks.

A Colony in the Snow

After years of trying to have our northern voice heard in Queen’s Park, I am beginning to realize that North Bay is viewed as little more than a colony in the snow.


I was standing in line at the express checkout the other day wondering why so many adults could not count to twelve when a clerk waved me over to a cash register that she had just opened.

Basic Wages

I stopped to watch a group of people picking strawberries the other day and was intrigued by the speed at which these people were moving. They appeared to be Hispanic, but whether they were local people or migrant workers, I could not tell.

Disaster Budget

The City of Punta Gorda, Florida is having a problem with disaster relief. Last fall, no less than three hurricanes plowed through the area, leaving a clean-up mess that is still taking its toll on the local citizens. And on the local government.


NOTAMs, or Notices to Airmen, are those important advisories that pilots check each day before flying to ensure safe flight.

Wanted: Critical Thinkers

In this so-called Information Age there is a plethora information readily at hand. The internet has added to the millions of words written and spoken daily through the print, video and audio media.

Slot Size

I never was one to enjoy hard-water fishing. First, you cannot cast or troll a lure around the lake.