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Doing the Math

The Near North District School Board is having a small problem meeting one of its debts.

Half a deck

The day before Good Friday the television news from Iraq showed an American Army Captain wondering why the Iraqis had shot at them, killing one of his soldiers. After all, they had been doing many good works in the community.

The money lists

The annual money lists have been published and once more we get to see how much some public figures made in the past year. And to compare it to what we made over the last 12 months.

Recalling Cars

The news that Toyota has replaced Ford as number two in cars sales in the US made only a small ripple in the business section of most newspapers.


Ah spring! A time when lambs and calves gambol about the greening pastures, kicking their heels in the air, full of the joy of living. Even the old Nellie, the horse, perhaps aroused by the sun’s warming rays, will take a romp around the corral.

Spring Breakup

The spring breakup has begun along the shores of on Lake Nipissing.

Small Expectations

A recent informal poll of readers indicated that a majority of respondents thought that North Bay council did not do enough to reduce taxes during the budget process.

Hitler’s Apples

Adolf Hitler was so consumed by a passion to purify the Arayan race that he not only tried to exterminate other races, but had his scientists working on genetic engineering for the same goal.

If I Had a Million Dollars…

The on-going kafuffle over whether we should have a casino in our area reminded me of the song by the Bare Naked Ladies, ‘If I Had a Million Dollars’.

Blood Oil

“Blood” diamonds, those clear carbonaceous crystals mined in countries where the sale of diamonds supports revolution, exploitation of the poor and racial / religious conflicts have become non-gratis in the circles of those wealthy enough to wear spa