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OPINION: Bill Walton, Reprint

Déjà vu all over again
20180210 perspe walton

I was reviewing all the events of the past fortnight wondering what I could write that I haven’t already said or that someone else had already put their print on that particular canvas. I am sitting down here in warm Florida while many of you are up home in the cold, looking at snow. It is hard to keep a perspective on events so many degrees away.

I spent the last month putting together a collection of my articles from 2013 to 2017 (now available from Amazon in print or on Kindle) for people who do not like digital reading devices or for new readers who might enjoy looking back without going through the BayToday archives.

Anyway, I think at one time or another I have covered almost everything that happened in the news world for the past two weeks.

The wild ride of the stock market last week certainly caught the attention of investors and stock gamblers. The index was up and down like a toilet seat at a crowded house party. Analysts on the evening news had explanations for the correction, some saying it was an opportunity to buy, and others urging investors to stay the course. Loyal readers will have read my jaundiced view of the stock market so there was no topic for me there.

The mess the Progressive Conservatives are trying to make of the upcoming election would be fodder for most writers, however, I have already expressed my opinion on the Ontario Liberal’s Carbon Tax as a scam. Likewise, I have noted that election promises are only as good as the restaurant napkin they are written on (Municipal, Provincial and Federal). It might be interesting to listen to any debate the PC would-be leaders have if only to see if there are enough planks remaining from the old program to stand on.

Of equal interest on the topic of the debate will be to see if Steve Paikin moderates. The Face of TVO is facing sexual harassment allegations that I hope are not true: Steve’s show, the Agenda, is one of my favourites. Here, in the States, politicians are tumbling like five pins as accusations fly. White House staff are exiting, one even with a good-luck wish written by his mistress.

I watched the State of the Union address by the US President, not only for entertainment value, but because so much of world affairs pivot around American actions, domestic or on the international stage. In a telling but not unexpected tweet the next morning Donald accused the Demos of being unpatriotic for not clapping at his every pronouncement.  One wonders if he had ever watched one of these State of the Union addresses before.

I am sure that I have mentioned a parade or two over the years (I love marching bands) in my ponderings but when the President said he wanted a military parade on July 4 that raised a few eyebrows in the Pentagon. And the newspapers. No one suggested that Don just wanted soldiers to salute him on the reviewing stand. He would show those darn unpatriotic Democrats. Woe to any soldier who was out of step as they marched along the Mall. Worse than taking a knee.

The news that Chris Hatfield was coming to North Bay was most welcome.  Having watched his clips from space and read his book, I hope our civic leaders pick up on his attitude and motivation. And it was great to see that there was some of that motivation up at Canadore. Their new screen-editing studio might just be one of the drawing cards we need in North Bay. That my neighbour worked on the project makes it all the more praiseworthy.

Down here, sports news is all about the Tampa Bay Lightning, and rightly so. There is some news mention of the Olympics but most of it is politics - North Korea, you know. Weekends we get TV golf and I enjoy watching the professional make shots that I can only dream of. Gosh, I hope the coming golf season  in North Bay is drier than last year.

 Ah yes, climate change! I think I have covered that one too. Just saying.