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The State Of Workplace Conflict During COVID 19

We have completed a research project on the state of workplace conflict during COVID-19. Learn how to reduce conflict in your workplace!
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We have completed a research project on the state of workplace conflict during COVID-19. Over 550 global respondents were represented equally by both management and employees who answered questions about their current workplace, common stressors and typical conflicts. 

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Workplace Conflict Has Increased Despite Remote Working

Pandemic-induced conflict concerns from managing consistent change to social disconnections have created a new landscape. The pandemic-related challenges causing distress between September 2020 and March 2021 were uncovered with over 550 employees and managers responding to questions about their new work environment, highest stressors and the types of conflict that plagues their performance.    

The bright side is that this report concludes with a list of suggestions to reduce and embrace the effects of conflict in your workplace, as 80% of respondents feel optimistic about the opportunity to stay positive during this time. 

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Communication Resolves Conflict 

Good communication has always been the key to productive and profitable workplace relationships.  With a better understanding of the unique challenges and trends that both employees and management encounter during and post-pandemic, we know what we need to be talking about, and can develop the necessary communication tools to lead and succeed long into the future.    

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