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Michelle ??? I picked you up hitchhiking near Orillia years ago

You were hitch-hiking just North of Orillia years ago (11 ?) and I gave you a ride from Orillia to Midland. We had lunch and some drinks on the patio of the Boathouse restaurant. I think you said you're name is Michelle B. (?)
This is a long shot but I'm pretty good at long shots so here goes...
You have brown hair/ slim build and are about 5'6" and lots of fun to be around.
I'm guessing you would be about 40-50 years old now (approx.)
I dropped you at your car which was parked in Midland near where Tim Hortons is now.
Your car was a Silver Honda CRV.
I hope are reading this and reply to me or maybe you know this girl and can reconnect us.
I had a white Chevy pickup.
Hope I can see you again !!!!!

177 king street

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