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GriefShare - The Journey from Mourning to Joy

Sunday, April 2, 2023 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The flowers have died; the cards have stopped coming. The rest of the world has returned to their normal lives of work and school and recreation. But your world has stopped. You feel alone. It is not that your friends don’t want to help. They do, but they don’t know how.

Enter GriefShare - a caring support group led by people who have experienced grief themselves and have found a way through it. We understand something of how you feel because we have been there. And we will walk with you on the long road through grief toward healing and hope – if you let us.

It is open to people of all races, genders, faiths.

This is live and on Zoom so it is NOT restricted to those in the Porcupine/Timmins area.

Call Ted Bendell at 705.360.0697 or Peggy Bendell 705.235.5121 for further information and registration form.

NOTE: This is a free service offered by Bible Fellowship Assembly.
If it is of value to you feel free to make a donation to Bible Fellowship Assembly.

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