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SUPERIOR Home Health Care believes the MED MIZER BED is the answer to patient independence & comfort, & care giver confidence & safety!

Comfort & Control Comes Home

You, your loved ones, & your patients should always feel safe, comfortable, & in control in their homes. Med-Mizer's ActiveCare ™ beds make it possible

• Three ActiveCare models: Deluxe, Standard, & Fixed Height

• OneButtonSafeTurn feature the bed allows users to shift from fully reclined to full seated with the touch of a button

• Optional mobility bar makes getting in & out of bed even easier

• Three mattress options for increased comfort & support

• Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg optional pendant (Standard and Deluxe only)

• Head & footboard color options

• Medical Package adds Scale, Out of Bed Exit lights, Digital HOB Angle (Deluxe Only)

Comfort & Independence Built into Every Bed

With Customizable features & patient-and-caregiver-centric enhancements built into every Med-Mizer bed, it's easy to achieve greater comfort & independence with every model

• Versatile safe patient handling solutions to help patients get where they're going in less time — & more comfortable

• Intuitive, user-centric beds & mobility solutions protect patients & care teams from slips, falls, & other common challenges

• Ease of use boosts quality of care, improving care team morale, & patient independence from day one

Med-Mizer Boosts Independence

When patients & caregivers are comfortable & in control, quality of life & independence thrives.

"For anyone looking to remain independent due to a progressive illness or injury, the ActiveCare ™ can allow you to safely transfer in and out of bed."

We welcome you to our Barrie showroom for a demonstration of the MED MIZER BED.

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