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Bruynzeel Pastel quality pencils have been designed for those artists' who require the best drawing and colouring materials. They feature a rich colour release and are bound with a strong binder to resist crumbling, allowing for finer edges and ease of sharpening.

The 3.8mm colour core is made from high-quality colour pigments ensuring good coverage. These pastel pencils are rich and buttery yet firm. These pencils have the added benefit of being used as watercolours.

A range of high-quality pencils for artists, designers, illustrators and hobbyists to draw, sketch and colour.

If you are enthusiastic about using your creativity, you will constantly be working on developing your talent. You enjoy the challenge, and Design by Bruynzeel will help you to do this with an extensive range of pencils and accessories in unique packaging with an outstanding price/quality ratio.

All the demands you may make of pencils, like a good colour, intense colour deposit, dense colour structure, outstanding blendability and very good inter compatibility of colours and hardness, are guaranteed with Design Aquarel, Pastel & Graphite. They will allow you to express your creativity and display your talents.

Design by Bruynzeel:

Colour: top-quality coloured pencils
Aquarel: superior quality aquarelle pencils
Pastel: fantastic quality pastel crayons in pencil format
Graphite: premier quality drawing pencils
Speciality & accessories

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