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Police Chief eager to start new wellness program

20201020 scott tod
File photo.

Police Chief Scott Tod estimates that at least 10 per cent of the North Bay Police Service is impacted by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or better known simply as PTSD.  

"It could range from members who are injured, and they are not even away from work at all," said Tod.  

"They are actually at work and they are receiving services. It also could be members who are away for a small period of time, such as hours, to a longer period of time and the ability to recover is dependent on the services that are being offered."

Because of that concern, Tod says the service will be bringing in a consultant in 2021 to help develop a new North Bay Wellness Program. 

"A program that is for the North Bay Police officers and our serving members in what we can do better to provide them better mental health services at work, better mental health support at work, and also assist them with recovery from injury that may occur as a result of their work," explained Tod.  

Tod believes one of the biggest challenges for a police service is how to address that trauma.  

He feels that help can come from beyond the walls of police headquarters. 

"That is one of the things that we hope we achieve with our wellness program, we hope to do is identify the services that are available in our community to offer our members every opportunity to prevent further injury, but also to heal," he said.