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Friday, October 27, 2017

The following is a news release issued by the North Bay Police:

North Bay Police has received several complaints about the behaviour of drivers going through the picket lines at Canadore College properties. All complaints of drivers failing to drive through picket lines in a safe manner are investigated by the North Bay Police. North Bay Police would like to remind all drivers to be cautious when approaching picket lines and to ensure that they operate their vehicles safely so that it does not endanger any picketers, pedestrians or other persons in the area. Due to the delays caused by vehicles crossing the picket line, please leave early if you plan to attend a Canadore College location and remain patient if there is a line-up.

Peaceful picketing for the purpose of obtaining or communicating information is lawful. There is a legal obligation on any person attempting to drive a vehicle across picket line to do so in a manner that will not endanger the life or safety of any person. Drivers who operate their vehicles in a dangerous manner that causes an immediate danger to others could potentially face charges.

Sometime overnight on Oct. 24 2017, two males entered a local bar on Delaware Avenue, North Bay. Once inside, liquor and electronics, breaking some in the parking lot.