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Five local police officers earn award for courage and heroism

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North Bay Police Service

Five North Bay police officers were recognized this week for courage and heroism.

At a May 7 awards ceremony, delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the North Bay Police Service held its yearly promotion and awards ceremonies for 2020 and 2021.

With public health restrictions now allowing larger gatherings, a formal ceremony to recognize members who had retired, been promoted, and received recognition awards was held.

Receiving the North Bay Police Services Board Award for Courage and Heroism are four officers involved in a water rescue in Trout Lake on July 17, 2021.

They include Detective Constable Stacy Jackson, Constable Anthoney Malden, Constable Braeden Ransom, and Sergeant Matthew Parker.

On July 17, 2021 at approximately 3 a.m. officers responded to reports of a woman in distress in the water of Trout Lake. Constable Ransom and Constable Malden were the first officers on the scene.

With a Marine Unit 45 minutes away, both officers acted quickly, removing their duty belts and restrictive clothing, putting on their life jackets and entering the water. Officers found the woman approximately 300-400 yards from shore.

Both officers and the woman were helped from the water by Constable Jackson, who was off-duty at the time, and Sergeant Parker, who used Jackson's personal boat to pull the woman out of the water to safety. All were taken to shore where the woman was treated by EMS.

Constable Shawn Hofmann was honoured for his action in responding to a July 1, 2021, attempted murder. where the attacker was armed with a knife.

Hofmann arrived at the scene as the assault was in progress and arrested the armed man.

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Other awards and recipients include:

North Bay Police Service Board Award for Community Service

  • Aline MAJOR, Stores Clerk, for her work creating Bear2Care memory bears for charitable causes including in support of residential school survivors
  • Sergeant Matthew PARKER for his work with those experiencing homelessness and with Rebuilt Resources

30 Years of Service

  • Sally O’HALLORAN, Dispatcher
  • Corry OUELLETTE, Dispatcher
  • Karen PENDERGAST, Clerk
  • Constable Gregory RANDALL (Retired)
  • Inspector Danny WEBBER (Retired)

20 Years of Service

  • Constable Randy ADAIR
  • Constable Kenneth AYERS
  • Detective Constable Alain BEDARD
  • Special Constable Charlene BURTON
  • Sergeant Fernando CIRULLO
  • Kelsie DUFRESNE, Dispatcher
  • Jean LARABIE, MaintenanceDetective Jason LONG
  • Detective Constable Tom ROBERTSON
  • Constable Sue SOLMAN
  • Constable Steven SPROULE
  • Constable Steven TRAHAN
  • Special Constable Victor TURGEON
  • Constable Joe WHITEHEAD

Promotions include:

2020 Promotions:

  • Helene BOISSONNEAULT to rank of Sergeant
  • Paul BREWER to rank of Staff Sergeant
  • Fernando CIRULLO to rank of Sergeant
  • Jody DeHAAS to rank of Staff Sergeant
  • Jason LONG to rank of Detective
  • Greg McCLENAGHAN to rank of Detective
  • Scott McFARLANE to rank of Inspector
  • Jeff WARNER to rank of Inspector
  • Peter BRUNETTE to rank of Staff Sergeant
  • Dave WILSON to rank of Sergeant

2021 Promotions:

  • Ray YELLE to rank of Sergeant
  • John COOK to rank of Staff Sergeant
  • Sarah BUSH to position of Office Lead
  • Joanna JACOBS to position of Director Support Services

2022 Promotions:

  • Vincent CORRENTE to rank of Sergeant
  • Matthew PARKER to rank of Sergeant
  • Bradley REAUME to rank of Sergeant

Retirements include:

2020 Retirements:

  • Staff Sergeant Richard DUBEAU
  • Constable Jean Marc ETHIER
  • Inspector Kirk KELUSKY
  • Elaine MORIN, Clerk
  • Ivan RYMAN, Forensic Identification Officer

2021 Retirements:

  • Sandy ALLARY, Forensic Identification Officer
  • Inspector Larry ASSELIN
  • Linda BROGAN, Stores Clerk
  • Susan COUSINEAU, Office Manager
  • Sally O’HALLORAN, Dispatcher
  • Karen PENDERGAST, ClerkConstable Gregory RANDALL
  • Inspector Danny WEBBER

2022 Retirements:

  • Sergeant James KILROY
  • Sergeant Denis LEVASSEUR
  • Gerald LALANDE, Financial Assistant
  • Sergeant Ken RICE

“I am very glad that we have been able to give our members the much-needed public recognition they deserve, which had been delayed due to necessary public safety precautions to combat COVID-19,” said North Bay Police Service Chief Scott Tod. “Our exemplary team at the North Bay Police Service shows their limitless commitment to our community through their work on and off the job. I am honored to be able to work with them in service of the people of North Bay.”

“Our members show their commitment to excellence in policing in everything they do,” said Vincent Corrente, Acting President of the North Bay Police Association. “I am happy to see them receive the recognition they deserve for their tireless work.”

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