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Community donates to battle COVID-19

'We've had people who've never donated before making gifts'
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The North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation says locals have stepped up in a big way to support the NBRHC Foundation's COVID-19 Urgent Care Fund.

Foundation President and CEO Tammy Morison says the fund was only launched a short while ago, and yet the community's generous nature has already been a big help.

"We've had people who've never donated before making gifts. We've had regular donors make an provide an extra gift just to fight COVID-19, and businesses have stepped up as well."

She points to the single largest donor to date, True North Chevrolet, which donated a corporate $5,000 gift last week.

Morison says others have reached out to donate PPE - personal protective equipment, like masks, gloves, vented goggles, and hand sanitizer.

"I know that it inspires everyone. the board, the staff, the doctors, nurses, cooks, cleaner, really everybody," she adds.

Others have donated food to the hard-working employees, either through a private donation where someone buys the treats and sends them over, or local food service providers stepping up.

"We've seen it all, we've had Twiggs drop things off, and today we had a delivery from local Tim Horton's franchisees Derek and Renatta Bobowski," she explains.

Parker's Independent Grocer also delivered food to the staff. 

If you're interested in supporting the COVID-19 Emergency Fund go here to get started.