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Wednesday, January 30, 2013   by: stephen langford

New Jr. Trappers forward Stephen Langford gets the "Mile High" feeling writing his first Jr. Trappers Insider on a rock cut. The Colorado native will be sharing his blog with you every Wednesday. Enjoy!

Good morning North Bay!

This past week has been pretty chilly! So cold in fact that my car wouldn’t start for three days. I’ve haven’t experienced -30 plus weather, and neither has my car!

Scraping the frost from the inside of my windows was my number one chore this week… that and getting my car to start!

This past Saturday our team participated in “Skate with the Trappers” for Family Literacy Day.

It was fun to circle the ice and talk with everyone who came out.

A great variety of ages showed up, from pre-schoolers to adults!

This Monday was filled with billet brother bonding activities in the Great White North.

Earlier this week my billet brother, Tanner, asked me if I would like to go ice fishing with him on Lake Nipissing.

I was excited because I have never been ice fishing before, and wanted to enjoy the experience of this great Canadian past time.

We parked my car (it started!) at the waterfront, and walked about half a mile out.

We had our poles, a bag of minnows, firewood, some snacks, an ice auger, and an ice chiseler.

Once we had found “the spot”, we unpacked the sled, (no, not snowmobile, an actual plastic sled), drilled two holes each, and set up our lines.

He explained to me some techniques such as jigging.

After waiting just under a half hour, we had our first catch!

My billet brother, Tanner, caught a Herring! It was about a foot in length.

I was pretty pumped, because I had no idea what to expect when we first started out on this adventure. It was starting to get a little chilly, so we made a fire on the ice!

I didn’t even know you could do that! Just a little while longer, and I caught a Herring! Just before we were about to leave, my billet brother, PJ, caught a Perch.

Feeling successful, we made the hike back to the car and headed home. No fish in hand, but plenty of fun memories.

Despite the cold weather, the last few weeks have been great here in the Bay! I’m looking forward to plenty more to come!

This Friday night we take on the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners in Kirkland. You can tune in to to watch the action!

Go Traps Go!!
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