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Wednesday, January 23, 2013   by: stephen langford

New Jr. Trappers forward Stephen Langford gets the "Mile High" feeling writing his first Jr. Trappers Insider on a rock cut. The Colorado native will be sharing his blog with you every Wednesday. Enjoy!

Good day North Bay!

So why do guys play junior hockey? I wanted to play junior hockey not only for the amazing experience but also to try and get scouted for a college at the Division I or Division III level.

Most players try out for junior hockey teams throughout North America for similar reasons.

It wasn’t until I came up to North Bay that I learned CIS could be another possible route for players to take.

This is my last eligible year to play juniors so I’m trying to look ahead and find a home for next season. Some of the younger players might be trying to gain interest from major junior leagues, such as the OHL, WHL, and the QMJHL.

Some players might be trying to skip the schooling and ‘play across the pond’ in Swiss or European professional leagues.

Also, younger players might just be enjoying their time playing, knowing they have a couple years left to make their decision as where to play next.

Just because you play junior hockey doesn’t guarantee that you will play at the next level.

It’s the hard work you put in, on and off the ice, during the season and especially in the offseason.

Not only in your hockey training but also in school, so that teams at the next level can see your hard work and determination and will want to recruit you to their programs.

I’ve wanted to play Division I hockey ever since I started playing at the age of four.

As I’m nearing the end of my junior career, I’ve come to understand the Division III or CIS will probably be the route I need to take, maybe transferring to Division I for my junior and senior year.

Junior hockey is a great stepping stone to many different roads that have and will continue to help players reach their goals of becoming a student athlete and or a professional hockey player.

I’m still striving for the next level and the North Bay Trappers are helping me learn the tools I need to become a collegiate athlete.

We hope to see you this Sunday as we battle Abitibi.
Go Traps Go!
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