BayToday Jr. Trappers Insider - A memorable holiday!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013   by: stephen langford

New Jr. Trappers forward Stephen Langford gets the "Mile High" feeling writing his first Jr. Trappers Insider on a rock cut. The Colorado native will be sharing his blog with you every Wednesday. Enjoy!

Happy New Year North Bay!

I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I know I sure did! It was great being able to get some time off to visit family over the holidays!

I first drove to Toronto with Kyle Arenson, Justin Schneeberger, Andrew Martin, and Trevor Hunt.

It was great meeting the Hunt family. They were so welcoming and made sure we were comfortable and had a place to rest. The next morning we woke up and drove to Buffalo.

Unfortunately,our flight to Colorado was cancelled, but luckily we changed our flight plans in the nick of time to get home that night. Unfortunately for Andrew Martin he had to stay overnight and fly out the next day.

Once home I got to spend some time with friends and family and also my dog that I missed so much! I was only in Colorado for a few days before traveling to Alabama to visit my grandparents who live there. It was great seeing them and hanging out with both my brothers.

Then we traveled to Amarillo, Texas to see my other grandparents, cousins, and my oldest brother and his wife who just had a boy, Liam! I’m an Uncle now of the cutest little nephew. Nothing can take away the wonderful memories I made over my Christmas break!

After a while, I started to wonder how everyone else on the team was making out over the holidays. I was also eager to get back on the ice and continue working for our task ahead - the NOJHL Championship.

Coming back to North Bay filled me with excitement! I was pumped to get back on the ice and see all my Trapper brothers. It was funny to see everybody and hear their stories about their breaks.

As soon as we hit the ice it was back to business.

The first practice back was a little rough for all of us, just getting our legs and our lungs back to playing shape.

After a few more practices we were on the road to Kirkland Lake battling for two more points! And then again on Sunday, thank you for coming to support us and help beat the Gold Miners!

Tonight we travel to take on Sudbury, and then are back home against the Soo. Come and help us earn 4 more valuable points!

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