BayToday Jr. Trappers Insider - A New Respect for Swimmers

Wednesday, December 12, 2012   by: stephen langford

New Jr. Trappers forward Stephen Langford gets the "Mile High" feeling writing his first Jr. Trappers Insider on a rock cut. The Colorado native will be sharing his blog with you every Wednesday. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays North Bay!

Christmas is just around the corner and two very important games are coming up this weekend! Although we’re excited to get home and see family for Christmas, it’s vital to keep focused on the task ahead. Four very important points are up for grabs.

Last week we had the privilege to take on the North Bay Titans swim team in a meet at the YMCA. When we were first choosing which swim styles to compete in, I remember some players saying, “Oh yeah, I’m good at the backstroke” etc. I even thought to myself, “I feel like I am a decent swimmer, this shouldn’t be too hard.”

But then the day of the swim meet actually came. When we arrived, I still sensed a little confidence among us players, but it quickly disappeared once we got into YMCA and saw the Titans “warming up.”

I remember thinking, their warm up speed looks like as fast as I can go! We were all amazed as we saw kids as young as 6 swimming so fast up and down the lanes! It was funny watching my fellow Trappers trying to get their swim techniques down.

Even a few of the Titans girls couldn’t help laughing as they gave us tips on our attempts at the butterfly and backstroke.

Once the meet got started and we were all getting schooled in the pool, it was really fun, yet very exhausting.

Luckily for me, I had relatively short swims: the 25 meter butterfly, the 50 meter freestyle, and the 200 meter freestyle relay. I felt bad for some of the other guys who had the 100 meter swims. When they were finished with their heat some of them could barely get out of the pool and it looked like they were ready to pass out. Even though it was very tiring, it was a great experience, and I think all of us Trappers gained a new respect for swimmers, and how effortless they make such a challenging task look.

Well, we’re happy to be out of the water and now it’s time to get back on theice.

Come help us as we battle against Blind River this Friday and against the Soo this Sunday at Memorial Gardens! And have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Go Trapps Go!!!
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