BayToday Jr. Trappers Insider - Pranks

Wednesday, December 21, 2011   by: Chris Dawson

Florida Native Cory Sellers feels like home on the beach and in North Bay. The Jr. Trappers defenceman will share is stories with us in this year's BayToday Jr. Trappers Insider.

In August, thousands of kids move away from their homes to other cities to join a hockey team. I bet most of their parents are proud that their quiet and shy little bundle of joy is off to join the grown up world. Along with their parents hopes and dreams, each one of these kids brings their hard work and committment to the team, both on the ice and off. But most of all, they just like to have fun. Pulling pranks on your teammate is one of the best ways to keep the feeling light around the locker room and to assure everyone is having a good time. It is not uncommon to walk into the rink for practice and find something wrong with your gear. Scott Pawson has to be the king at messing with peoples stuff. He is always taping up someone’s gear, putting water and baby powder in gloves and skates or just flat out hiding stuff. Mitch Knight’s gear probably gets messed with the most just because he is one of the easiest targets. He also gets mad really quick so it just makes it that much funnier.

Another great idea is to fill up a bucket of ice water and dump it on somebody in the shower. If you do it right, you can catch them while they are not looking and then pour baby powder on them right after. You just can't get that stuff out of your hair and It is pretty funny to watch someone try. I guess that short hair is a really good idea when you are on a junior hockey team.

Road trips are the best time to pulls pranks on people. A good prank that always gets a few laughs is to put a tipped bucket of water on one of the other guys hotel room door, then knock and run. When he opens is water pours into the room all over the floor.

A few weeks ago while we were in the Soo, Jon Aubertin and Devan Turcotte were able to get a hold of Lyndon Lipinski's and Ashton Haley's room key while they went out for dinner. They snuck in and completely rearranged there whole room. They turned all the tables upside down, flipped the mattresses around and messed up just about everything you can think about in a hotel room. They also were able to find a dead squirrel and put it in their sink which is pretty gross now that I think of it, but at the time, hilarious. This was by far the best prank pulled this season, but with a ways to go I am sure there will be many more good ones.

If you are a parent reading this, rest assured that your little angel never does anything like this - and we would never pull any of these on him.

Today we head up to Abitibi and Thursday they come down to play us. So come out and support us as we look to get two wins before Christmas.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas!

Go Trappers Go!
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