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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Telephone Scam Alert, caller claims to be from North Bay Hydro

A North Bay resident contacted North Bay Police to report that a person called their residence claiming to be from North Bay Hydro and demanding immediate payment or their electricity service would be disconnected.

Police warn residents that these phone calls are scams and advise residents who receive them to simply hang up.

If a customer has an overdue account, North Bay Hydro does not demand immediate payment (by credit card, money order, etc.) over the phone.

Follow these tips to determine if a caller is legitimate:
Monitor your hydro account balance to understand if payments are overdue.
If you have money owing, hydro will send you a notice by mail or email.
If hydro calls you about your account, the caller will identify him/herself and, if you have call display, the phone number will appear as a North Bay Hydro phone number.
If you have any concerns about your North Bay Hydro account, call them directly at 705-474-8100 or drop by their office at 74 Commerce Crescent, North Bay.

Domestic violence stats for the month of February 2015

Over the month of February 2015, 115 domestic occurrences were reported to the North Bay Police. As a result of police investigations into these complaints, 37 people were charged.

27 men were charged. Criminal offences included the following charges that were laid:
•    27 charges—assault;
•    2 charges—assault while using a weapon;
•    10 charges—threatening to cause bodily harm or death;
•    2 charges—criminal harassment;
•    1 charge—forcible confinement;
•    1 charge—kidnapping
•    1 charge—forcible entry
•    2 charges—mischief to property
•    12 charges—breach of probation
•    4 charges—breach of recognizance
•    1 charge—disobey court order
•    1 charge—assault peace officer

10 women were charged with the following criminal offences:
•    8 charges—assault
•    3 charges—criminal harassment
•    1 charge—utter threat
•    2 charges—disobey court order
•    6 charges—breach of probation
•    6 charges—breach of recognizance
•    1 charge—disobey court order

Help is available for victims of domestic violence
If you are a victim of domestic violence in an emergency situation and require immediate help, call 911. If you would like to talk to someone about your domestic situation but do not feel ready to talk to police, Victim Services of Nipissing District can provide you with emotional and practical support. For more information, call 705-472-2649, or visit

Take the pledge
On average, the North Bay Police Service responds to three or four domestic-related calls per day. supports the idea that a violence-free community is something worth pledging to achieve. Stand up against domestic violence. Take the pledge.

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