Nipissing Liberals say Fedeli set to provoke a provincial election

Tuesday, February 19, 2013   by: Kate AdamsNipissing Provincial Liberal Association
News Release


Today, as we began the second session of the 40th Parliament of Ontario, our new Ontario government laid out our priorities — building a strong job-creation economy, making the minority parliament work, and making life a little easier here in Ontario, for the benefit of all.

“Premier Wynne and our new Ontario government are focused on finding common ground to build a stronger economy and a fair society,” said Keith Pacey, President of the Nipissing Provincial Liberal Association.

In spite of this positive reaching out to all members of the legislature, Tim Hudak, the Leader of the official opposition, and Vic Fedeli, MPP Nipissing, have both made it very clear that they would prefer a provincial election over working together for the good of all Ontarians.

“While everyone in Ontario is saying that we don’t want an election and are making it more than clear that they are expecting all three parties to work together to make this minority government work, Mr. Fedeli is making it clear that he wants no part of working together,” stated Pacey.

For the past four months, Conservatives have been demanding that the legislature gets back to as soon as possible and now even before the first question period has occurred, Conservative Leader, Tim Hudak has made it clear that he plans to throw up every road block possible.

“Mr. Fedeli has not only made it clear that he and his party are not interested in making this minority government work, but he has made it clear that he can’t wait to get back to the same old ways,” Pacey declared.

The actions of the Tory party do not appear to be those of a group who are looking to avoid a general election by making this minority government work.

“The people of Nipissing and all of Ontario do not want a general election,” Pacey emphasized. “Mr. Fedeli needs to stop putting the goals of the Conservative Party ahead of the needs of the people who elected him to represent them - the people of Nipissing.”