Crime Starts With You!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013   by: Kate AdamsNorth Bay Police Service
News Release


The North Bay Police Service today joined police services across Ontario in supporting the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police’s (OACP) 2013 Crime Prevention Campaign aimed at raising public awareness about personal responsibility when it comes to preventing crime.

“Preventing a crime before it happens rather than having to deal with the consequences of crime is always our goal. We are proud to support this campaign and its theme, “Crime Starts With You!”,

Ontario police organizations are supporting the OACP’s 2013 Crime Prevention Campaign, which seeks to raise public awareness about the important role individuals play in crime prevention.

The campaign focuses on a broad range of issues that impact citizens across the province: on-line fraud, identification theft and other cybercrimes, auto theft, break-and-enters, etc. These types of crimes can victimize anyone, anywhere.

A crime prevention booklet is being made available to the public though police services which contains helpful crime prevention tips and information.

This campaign is an invitation for everyone to join their police service to make our community safe.