Hey parents are your kids' immunization shots up to date?

Wednesday, February 06, 2013   by: Kate AdamsNorth Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit
News Release


The Health Unit has completed a review of the immunization records of every secondary school student in the district.

The Immunization of School Pupils Act mandates that the Health Unit maintain up to date immunization records for all students registered in schools in our district. The Health Unit has the authority under this act to suspend students if they do not have up to date immunization records on file with the Health Unit. If a student’s immunizations are not up to date, they will be suspended from school as of Wednesday, February 13.

December 2012

 Families of a student with an incomplete immunization record will have received a letter from the Health Unit requesting the required information and notifying them of upcoming immunization clinics at their child’s schools.
January 2013

 Immunization clinics were held at all Secondary Schools in our district providing students with access to the vaccines they may be missing.

 Suspension notices were issued to students who still have incomplete immunization records. These notices do not mean the child will actually be suspended from school. The Health Unit removes students from the suspension list as the missing information is received.
February 2013

 If the missing information is provided to the Health Unit by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, February 12, the suspension will not be enforced.

If your child requires immunizations, they can receive those immunizations through their health care provider or by making an appointment at the Health Unit by calling 705-474-1400 or 1-800-563-2808, ext 2377 in North Bay or 705-746-5801, ext 3205 in Parry Sound. If they receive their immunizations at their health care provider’s office, parents need to ensure the information is provided to the Health Unit.

If you have any questions, call the Health Unit at 705-474-1400 or 1-800-563-2808, ext. 2252. You can also visit for general information on childhood immunizations.

Quick Facts

Health units are required to maintain complete immunization records on every student registered in a school in their district.

Even though your child’s immunizations may be up to date, Health Unit files may not be. Here’s how to update your child’s information:

o Physicians do not report to us what immunizations they give in their offices. You must get the information from their office and provide it to the Health Unit.

o Your child may have received their immunizations in a different area of Ontario. You may need to contact
the health unit in that area to get the required information and submit it to us.

o If your child’s yellow card lists all the immunizations they have had, you can provide us with a copy. We
can update our records and confirm their records are complete.

If your child does need immunizations, you can:

o Call the Health Unit to make an appointment for the required immunizations.

o Get your child immunized at his or her physicians’ office. However, you will still need to get that
information to the Health Unit so that we can update our records.