West Nipissing Police warn of aggressive salespersons in the area

Wednesday, December 04, 2013   by: Kate Adams

West Nipissing Police Service

News Release


The West Nipissing Police Service has been receiving calls about aggressive door to door salespersons identifying themselves as surveyors testing furnace efficiency.

These salespersons are using high pressure tactics in order to gain entry to your home with the intention of convincing the owner that they need to have their furnace replaced or serviced.

The Greater Sudbury area has also reported these types of high pressure tactics and has put out an advisory to the public.

The business identified by the salespersons might be a legitimate company but might be working without a Municipal license.

As reported from the Greater Sudbury area, some of the tactics used can include, but not excluded to:

- Advising the homeowner that they work for the city and that they are

required to let them into their homes in order to inspect their furnace

- That there are new building codes and the furnace has to get changed

- The homeowner will be reported if they don’t let them in

- They will continue to come back until they are let into the home

All these comments are not true! Every homeowner is to be very vigilant withpeople going door to door offering any type of service.

You are well within your rights to refuse them entry and to tell them to leave your property immediately.

If they fail to do so, you can call the police at 705-753-1234 as they can be charged with Trespassing.


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IGuard 12/5/2013 6:35:19 PM Report

Yup showed up at my door today. Tried to say he had to inspect the furnace/water heater to see they meet new Ontario regulations. This was the second time he tried this. I told him he was not getting into my house. Then he barked at me " Fine we'll send someone else back!" Kinda threatening I thought, spit in my yard when he left too. So I called OEG and let them know in no uncertain terms what occured and not to send anyone else back.
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