Southern Ontario CAA offering refunds for IDPs - not the case in the North

Friday, February 15, 2013   by: Kate AdamsThe Canadian Press is reporting that drivers who flocked to the Southern Ontario regional chapter of the Canadian Automobile Association to acquire international driving permits (IDP) in order to operate a vehicle in Florida will be reimbursed.

On January 1st the Sunshine State quietly ushered in a new law that requires all foreign drivers, including Canadians, to carry an IDP.

Since the news of the new law spread this week thousands of Canadians who are getting set to head south for their winter break, have been flocking to CAA offices to purchase the special permit.

And the latest news is that authorities in Florida will be modifying the law to accommodate Canadian drivers.

In light of the changes the South Central Ontario chapter of the CAA announced that they will refund anyone who purchased an IDP and passport photos on February 13th or 14th.

Those customers have 30 days in which to claim their money.

Meanwhile, no such offer has been made by the CAA North & East Ontario branch which governs North Bay and area.

The following statement provided by spokesperson Korey Kennedy is the CAA North & East Ontario official position regarding IDP/refunds:

"CAA North & East Ontario is advising individuals who purchased an International Driving Permit (IDP) on February 13 or 14 to hold on to the permit until after their planned visit to Florida in order to ensure their safety and mitigate potential complications during their travels in that state.

If the current legislation in Florida regarding the need for non-U.S. residents to have an IDP is officially repealed or amended when the state legislature sits next month, CAA North & East Ontario will then refund IDPs purchased on February 13 or 14. (Individuals must retain their original receipt to obtain a refund.) More information will be provided as it becomes available."

IDP Stats - CAA North & East Ontario's region only:

1. 6350 IDPs issued in 2012

2. 80 IDPs issued on Feb. 13, 2013 (before the legislation was officially communicated to all impacted parties)

3. 960 IDPs issued on Feb. 14, 2013

3. 415 IDPs issued on Feb. 15 (as of 4 p.m. today)
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geezer1 2/17/2013 2:53:38 PM Report

What a pile of it !! I am a CAA member and can't believe that this organization would have the audacity to not refund the monies to unsuspecting citizens who prematurely purchased the IDP's baseds on scare tatics promoted by their own management. Wake up people and demand your money back. This is greedy money grabbing sheme by CAA and the BBB of Ontario should be investigating this matter to the fullest not only for the fact that they are taking advantage of their clients but also the fact that somewhere along the line, they deemed themselves or were appointed by a government agency as the only source for obtaining these IDP's. Something sure smells in North Eastern Ontario.
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