City police constable arrested and charged with assault Update

Saturday, March 22, 2014   by: Kate Adams

BayToday has learned that North Bay Police Constable Barry MacIntosh was in a court this week where he was acquitted on all the charges listed below.


(Dec 5th, 2012) - Further charges have been laid against Barry MacIntosh a member of the North Bay Police Service in relation to disclosure from victim’s involving offences between 2003 and November 2012.

McIntosh has been charged with the (1) one count of assault causing bodily harm, (3) three counts of assault and (1) one count of criminal harassment.

Cst B MacIntosh remains suspended from duty.

His next court appearance is December 11th, 2012.


On November 22, members of the North Bay Police Service received information involving allegations of assault.

An investigation was immediately conducted and, as a result, North Bay Police Constable Barry MacIntosh has been arrested and charged with two counts of assault and one count of criminal harassment.

The investigation is continuing.

MacIntosh has been held pending a bail hearing and has been suspended from duty under the provisions of the Police Services Act of Ontario.


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getreal 11/23/2012 2:29:21 PM Report

Seriously, is there any police force in Canada with more officers being arrested than NB?
IGuard 11/24/2012 1:26:27 PM Report

Toronto for one, there's a whole wack down there. But he is still innocent until proven guilty.
NBCitizen 11/26/2012 9:46:02 AM Report

Excellent!!!! It's nice to finally see a clean up of the North Bay City police dept. Just because someone has a badge and is put in a position of authority does not give them the right to break the law. There are many North Bay police officers harassing, assaulting, drinking & driving, speeding, driving while using a mobile device, etc. What gives them the right to be a police officer and enforce laws which they themselves do not follow. I hope the chief of police or the OPP continues to investigate and charge any remaining North Bay officers that think they are above the law.
laceyjdog 11/26/2012 10:14:20 PM Report

Sadly all it takes is one bad apple to sour the barrel.
getreal 11/27/2012 9:10:35 AM Report

If only it was just one....I think this is 4 or 5 in the last few years.
NBCitizen 11/27/2012 3:11:07 PM Report

4 or 5 in the last few months :)
jacker 11/28/2012 10:09:37 PM Report

To the police 'haters' in this thread, are you that naive to not recognize that one, whether a police officer or not is innocent until PROVEN guilty?! To those who have been proven guilty, then so be it, but to those who are simply charged as a result of someone's fabrications, it is unfair. It is simply too easy to be able to turn someone's life upside down by throwing loose allegations out there, and to think that his name and reputation is tarnished now beyond repair, shame on the people involved and shame on the media for the public hanging of this officer. I certainly hope that the accuser(s) are dealt with swiftly once this situation is propertly dealt with.
getreal 12/5/2012 7:35:39 PM Report

You were saying jacker? Looks like where there's smoke, there's fire.....
watcoach 12/5/2012 8:47:54 PM Report

It really doesn't matter to me whether he is innocent or guilty, that is for the lawyers to pontificate over and have a decision made in a court of law. My MAJOR concern is why are these officers that are suspended still collecting their wages? Now, I can't think of any other profession today that is allowed to be found deemed of suspension and still allowed to collect their wages. The Police Services has far too much power to allow this type of ransom to happen. Once suspended their wages should be discontinued until proven innocent or guilty. If they are innocent then they get all of their back wages, if not, then it gets returned back to the city coffers. There have been too many police officers in this city that have been found guilty and played the system for up to 4 years collecting their salary. They are charged with breaking the law and they should not be rewarded. In one case (Think Simpsons Mr. B....) with his salary and benefits it cost us, the taxpayers, over $400,000 and he held on until the very last day before he quit so he would not face any hearings. I know, all the bleeding hearts and police supporters will question the hardship, TOUGH, they are to uphold the law and should be held to a higher standard. Maybe our Chief of Police will have the moxie to present that at one of the many meetings he attends on behalf of the city (some how I think not).
thechad 12/6/2012 7:48:34 AM Report

What goes around comes around
whaaazz up 12/6/2012 8:51:17 AM Report

Sure would like to see all you CATS
On the General Section.
sma316 12/6/2012 10:34:54 AM Report

This is Karma. This particular officer made a big stink at my store a few weeks ago.. ended up making me release a piece of equipment that was being held for non-payment (over $14,000.00) and had the nerve to threaten to charge me with possession of stolen property if I didn't give it back without being paid. Before I could even finish the formal complaint process he was in jail. No sympathy from me, he cost me $14 grand so I hope they throw the book at him.
NBCitizen 12/6/2012 5:15:05 PM Report

sma316 I would encourage you to report his conduct and file an official complaint against MacIntosh. During this investigation they will be looking for anything that validates his character.

Based on the new charges this officer obviously has a history of assault and harassment and I'm sure more victims could come forward during this investigation and then more charges could be added to prevent this officer from ever hurting someone again.

Cheif of police Paul Cook needs to clean up his force and make an example of MacIntosh so that the remaining officers know they are not above the law!!!!!!!!!!!
louis 12/6/2012 5:30:33 PM Report

what a joke , gets paid while he,s off no wonder r city is in the whole, fire the cat,make him give the money back,, while ur at it fire cook as well
jacker 12/6/2012 7:52:53 PM Report

This is a sad case of mis-information and to the moron who suggests where is smoke there must be fire, you're small minded comments show your own character loud and clear. Unless vou know this gentleman who is being publicly disgraced before even being given an opportunity to defend himself, you should sit back and wait for the results before casting your own judgement. Many people throw stones while they themselves live in glass houses which is a joke in itself. Sit back and wait and you'll see that these alleged victims will be proven no victims at all.
getreal 12/6/2012 9:15:00 PM Report

Well jack-off, I do know the bully in question. you should stop believing his lies. YOU will find out in the end and I hope you have the balls to come back here and admit you were wrong.
jacker 12/7/2012 10:50:06 AM Report

@getreal. I assume you'll step up on that same basis when the time comes. Innocent until proven guilty is my point. Let's prove someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before ruining his life and his reputation. If you can't remain objective don't comment.
getreal 12/7/2012 2:24:31 PM Report

Funny I don't remember you coming to the aid of Kristi Lafrance, Sean Burns, Steve Taylor or kris Corbeil or other officers when they were charged? Or how about joe blow?
smarterthanuall 12/7/2012 3:49:00 PM Report

Getting paid while suspended has nothing to do with Chief of police or police services board. It's called the Ontario Police Services Act that controls such matters. Get informed before you embarass yourself on a public forum. People who hate the police have likely been on the wrong side of the law. I imagine police work is a very difficult job. In fact the major newspapers have recently shed light on the true dark side of policing. At the end of the day these are people just like the rest of us. Held to a higher standard perhaps, but they are not super heroes. Joe Blow that get's charged doesn't get the same attention from the local media. The damage is done to a reputation regardless of what happens in court.
jacker 12/8/2012 1:03:46 AM Report

@getreal, for you to bring up officers from beyond 10 years ago is irrelevant to this situation and I can't comment and rightfully shouldn't because I didn't and don't know the specifics. Re: the other officers more recently involved, I also will keep it short. For Taylor, he is a very good guy who did something wrong, a good family man period. For Kris Corbeil, this situation as far as I know is still pending and therefore he is still innocent until proven guilty, period. For someone like you to be so anti police you must be someone who has been involved with the wrong side of the law, period. Maybe you need to look yourself in the mirror and look at your baytoday name and get real yourself.
getreal 12/8/2012 8:24:04 AM Report

Unlike a bunch of our "finest", I have never been charged with a criminal offence, not even so much as a speeding ticket. I have been harassed by officers on 2 occasions though. One of those officers is no longer a cop and the other will not be soon. Enough said.
NBCitizen 12/8/2012 8:54:49 AM Report

Hey Jacker the way you are sticking up for MacIntosh & attacking others comments on this message board implies you are a personal friend of Barry or a fellow police officer!!!!! The fact of the matter is he's been charged with several counts therefore the evidence must be substantial for them to charge one of their own.

I to know Mr. MacIntosh, these charges look good on him. Just because he wears a badge doesn't make him a hero. I have several friends that are officers (OPP & City) that at are great men & women, that conduct themselves in a professional manner on & off duty. They don't walk around with cocky attitudes & big egos bullying people just because they have a badge. Officers like MacIntosh give the others a bad name & I feel sorry for the good men & women of law enforcement that get tarnished by the bad apples. I'm just happy to see things finally getting cleaned up in the North Bay Police Dept & not being swept under the carpet.

MacIntosh has crossed a line & broke the laws he's suppose to enforce. What gives him the right to harass & assault women? He got caught & now charged. It looks good on him & on any other officer that thought they were above the law.
jacker 12/8/2012 10:48:28 AM Report

You forgot the word "allegedly" in your last statement sir. Charged on allegations by alleged victims.
jacker 12/9/2012 9:32:29 PM Report

@sma316...your comment is purely incorrect, you're referencing the wrong MacIntosh in your post.
jacker 12/11/2012 11:48:29 AM Report

@Kate Adams, you as the reporter have the control to close this blog or to keep it open and by keeping it open, you have allowed for so much slander to be posted that it sickens me. You have people in this blog referencing B MacIntosh in situations that he was NOT even involved with, yet viewers of this garbage now feel that B MacIntosh had something to do with sma316's claim of being out $14k ... wrong guy! You should close this thread before any further damage is done.
Ponderous1 12/12/2012 7:02:48 AM Report

whaaa whaa whaaa I'm losing the argument so close the comments. This isn't a blog by the way Jacker.

We get it. You are either a friend, a coworker, or the officer himself. You are entitled to your opinion, just as everyone else is entitled to theirs. Perhaps your bullying ways work for you in your day to day life. You shall find that tactic won't work here...
whaaazz up 3/22/2014 12:03:07 PM Report

My biggest concern is the Fact that
the Ontario Govt. has been committing
serious Crimes for over ten years now
and none of them are in Jail.
" YET" !!
Brunica 3/22/2014 3:17:44 PM Report

Is it just me or is everybody missing the fact that he was basically found not guilty? :/
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Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of Keep discussions civil and on topic. Refrain from obscenity and don't post anything that your grandmother would be ashamed to read. Those who do not abide by these guidelines will have their membership revoked without notice. If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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