Residents & retailers urged to support changes to driver's licences

Tuesday, September 25, 2012   by: Kate AdamsNorth Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit
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A provincial tobacco-control coalition wants to ‘strip down’ driver’s licences in Ontario to make it easier for store clerks to see if someone is too young to be sold cigarettes or other tobacco products.

A local representative of the Not To Kids coalition is solidly behind the proposal to add visual age indicator strips down the side of licences. The proposed colour strips would appear beside the photo on a driver’s licence, indicating if the person was under the age of 19 years and listing the date when the licencee would reach the age of majority. In Ontario, no one may sell tobacco or alcohol products to anyone who is less than 19 years of age.

“Driver’s licences are the most common form of ID used to buy restricted products like tobacco and alcohol,” says Reed Morrison, a Community Health Promoter with the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit. “By clearly showing on the licence when someone will turn age 19, it will take away any guesswork for store clerks and retailers and help them easily identify underage customers.”

With current Ontario driver’s licences, there can be a high degree of error among store clerks and retailers determining if someone is 19 years of age. According to the Not To Kids coalition, visual age indicator strips will make the job of which customers are underage faster, easier and more accurate for Ontario businesses. That will help lower the unintentional sale of tobacco and alcohol to minors, reducing the risk of retailers and their employees being charged.

All American states have the visual age indicator strips on their licences, as does every Canadian province except for Ontario and Quebec. “We’re taking a page from the book of other places in North America that already have these types of driver’s licences,” Morrison adds.

The Not to Kids Coalition ( is a network of public health units in Ontario that work to reduce tobacco use among youth by limiting access to tobacco products from all sources. Not To Kids representatives have presented the idea to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, which is considering the proposal.

Morrison urges local residents and retailers to support the licence change by contacting their Member of Provincial Parliament. To find out more, contact the Health Unit at 705-474-1400, 1-800-563-2808 or

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lps 9/25/2012 11:37:32 PM Report

People working in the business are making minimum wage, might not be too educated well enough to calculate age. This idea should help those people who have a hard time with numbers. The more help store clerks have, the better. People who work in corner store are underpaid, under trained by the their bosses and need all the help they can get. Their bosses want cheap labour and expect everything from them but won't put the time in to help them do the job right. A lot of stores have everything, like things to help them add. You see that in a lot of places. I'm sure that system is not 100% either. A new license could help reduce the number of mistakes in calculating age, but mistakes will still happen, mainly because they're min. wage jobs. You get what you pay for most of the time. They should just take cigarettes right out of corner stores, and put them in a controlled store like LCBO where The employees will be trained, and paid a good wage. At least you'll get experienced responsible people they can count on. I think this is the biggest issue, relying on low paid employees to sell a restricted product (as they say) properly. That does not make sense at all. That's a biggest problem. PUll them out of corner stores.. It's not too hard to buy smokes in corner stores, or you can just go to the reserve which is a bigger problem. No matter how much we do, we still have to deal with the reserve. They'll sell to anyone. Nobody seems to care because the governement is afraid to deal with natives. We should deal with that because their greed for a buck is hurting kids. What they do on their own land is one thing but when it effects the rest of us then it's everybody's business.
laceyjdog 9/26/2012 10:47:43 PM Report

Unstead of adding a strip why not just print the person's date of birth in red bold type. Simple math will do the rest.
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